Keeping Your Organization Safe

After exhaustive interviews from a range of candidates, it can be difficult for an employer to honestly know if the candidate they want is really who they say they are. Unqualified candidates can easily pose as qualified ones in an attempt to defraud or steal from your organization.

background screening

When you want to make sure that the right person for the job is who they claim, your organization should request a background screening for all eligible candidates. These screenings are the perfect failsafe in preventing irreparable harm should a candidate not be who they claim to be.

Ways To Screen

The information provided in screenings is specific to the requirements of a position.

Major corporations run a standard screening on potential employees to verify their residency status, previous employment, educational achievements, and credit score.

Federal agencies may run more detailed screenings that detail any criminal charges and potential exposure risks due to debt or family issues. Additionally, these screenings gauge the safety in providing, increasing, or limiting an individual’s security clearances.

Anyone working with children or in someone’s home will usually need to pass a background check as well. These checks can be essential in ensuring that your children, family, and personal belongings stay safe around those you hire.

Getting a detailed report on a potential candidate’s work or personal background can be one of the most important things for anyone needing a reliable, safe, and trustworthy employee.

Peace Of Mind For All!

Requesting or providing permission for an employer to run a check on someone’s background is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. It’s the first step to building trust between an employer and a potential employee. Those who successfully pass a background check will be on the way to getting the job of their dreams!